Hope For Heroism | Full Film

Hope For Heroism is a non-profit organization that helps Injured Israeli Soldiers reclaim their lives back. It works on the model of injured soldier helping injured soldier. This powerful film explains how the organization works. If you would like to learn more, please visit Hope For Heroism Website : hopeforheroism.org

No sliders, flyers, or jibs were used.
Music licensed by audiojungle.net and themusicbed.com
Shot on Canon 5dmk2 and canon L-series lenses.
Audio captured on Roland R44 and R26, shotgun boom mic for interviews was Shure VP89m
Edited on Final Cut Pro 7

Voice over : Adam Forgione
Directed by Adam Forgione
Cinematography by Adam Forgione and RJ Weyant
Edited by Adam Forgione
Photo Credits : Ziv Koren

January 6, 2014