H2M Social Media Video Campaign

Videos For Internal Use and Social Media

Client: H2M
Industry: Architecture
Location: Long Island, New York
Video Type: Social Media Video

About This Video Project: H2M asked us to repurpose footage we had already shot into a new social media video campaign and internal purposes.


  • Create a social media video campaign of videos that repurpose existing footage for new objectives
  • Highlight the strengths of the company so the videos can be shared for internal and external purposes


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics
Ancillary Video 1


We are always pushing ancillary videos because we feel it’s a win/win with the client. It allows them to get more value out of the footage we shot and it keeps us engaged with them on a more consistent basis. H2M is one of our most consistent clients and so we know their values and how they want their brand to be perceived. This allowed us to key in on messaging that would help them get the most impact in a short amount of time. H2M knows the value of video and they use it to great effect. They do consistent internal videos made in house, but for this specific campaign, they wanted higher production values.

The ancillary videos were shown around the company and were a huge success. Check out the rest of the campaign below.

To learn more information about H2M, please visit http://www.h2m.com

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