Conference Video Marketing • Accounting • Building Membership

Client: NCCPAP
Industry: Conference, Tax
Location: Woodbury, New York
Video Type: Live Event, Marketing, Recruitment

About This Video Project: We created this recruitment video to help build membership for NCCPAP’s Long Island Tax Professional Symposium.


  • Benefits of attending a live seminar
  • Advantage of in person networking
  • Ability to influence the people make tools for the industry
  • Young people need the organization
  • The people who speak are top in their field
  • Direct access to the Internal Revenue Service or IRS


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics


For this project we created an Event Marketing Video for Building Membership in the accounting industry. We covered the Long Island Tax Professional Symposium or LITPS a tax professionals seminar and used what we filmed to create a tool for them to increase the membership of their organization. It was important to our client to emphasize the depth of knowledge that could be gained, the difference between attending a live seminar and an online webinar and the business advantages of belonging to the organization.

Capturing a 3 day conference in just 90 seconds is a challenging task. We collaborated with the client on the right people to speak with and the right visuals to capture so we maximized our time and budget.


To learn more information about the National Conference of CPA Practitioners, please visit www.nccpap.org

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