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Animated Text | Non-Profit Commercial

Documentary Short | Northshore Schools

COVID-19 has made every industry rethink and reinvent their services. We here at Pennylane are no different. Over the last two years we have implemented a new project type: Edit Only. This service allows us to use our post production expertise on footage shot by our clients, existing professional footage or footage found on stock libraries. There are many types of videos that can be made using this method. They all share a common element. They allow companies, organizations and congregations to produce engaging content at a lower cost. Below are a few different types of videos we have made, but this isn’t all we can do. If you’d like to discuss a type of video you don’t see here please feel free to reach out!

Motion Graphic and Animated Text Videos

Motion Graphics and Animated Text can help enhance your still images or lower resolution videos in ways you couldn’t imagine. They are also powerful tools in taking concepts that aren’t literally film able and making them a reality. This could be a commercial for your organization, a photo montage through your company’s history or the launch of your newest app.  This type of video is another way you can effectively convey your message by using only our Post Production only services.

Remote Video Message Examples

Community Outreach Video | Let Me Die Laughing

Awareness Video | COVID 19 Qualifying Software

Industry Education | Diversifying Your Workforce

These video messages are an example of the kind of outreach you can do with your company or organization. We began this type of work during the height of the pandemic. These videos help to keep you connected to your workforce, customer and your larger community. All of these videos were self filmed and sent to us. We add music, make sure the audio sounds the best it can and add visuals where needed. The result are effective, easy to watch videos that fit into any budget.

Videos Created From Stock Footage

Personal and upclose messages are great but sometimes you need to communicate more than just a simple idea. Stock Footage libraries can provide diverse and top quality visuals at the fraction of the cost of shooting them yourself. You can marry this stock footage with your self shot video, a professional voice over and even motion graphics. With these tools you can create powerful recruitment videos, product launch videos or even use them to enhance your personal messages. Stock footage is wonderful tool that when used correctly can give your video that step up it needs.

Full Virtual Events

In addition to quick video messages we also can produce your full virtual events. The above examples are are fully remote productions for conferences and worship services. We have the ability to do any of these depending on the scope and budget you have to work with. We can even live stream your event out across YouTube, Facebook Live or any other video platform you choose. The ability to have your service available on demand to anyone who wants to see them can increase the reach of your congregation or company.

Virtual Music Video Examples

At Pennylane we understand that music is powerful part of the human experience. We can deliver high quality and amazing sounding, professionally mixed prerecorded tracks.  Have a new song you are dropping you need to promote? We can help. Do you have a a group of parishioners who would like to record themselves singing but need professional assistance editing the visuals and the audio? We do that to. We can help Twitch music artists, children’s choirs, school productions and any other project that requires turning self filmed performances into something more. Our goal is to bring your messages to life through these music productions.

Virtual Panel Videos

A lot of in-person conferences went virtual last year and companies began to realize that they needed solutions to keep their events on track. We had several clients comes to us with different levels of requests to bring these types of events into the virtual space. Even now as restrictions relax, companies and organizations realize that they can now get people involved in conferences irregardless of time zone or schedule.  We can take your zoom call or webinar and turn it into a nicely produced piece of content for your virtual event, seminar or keynote address. A virtual panel can help you bring education to your industry, keep your employees up to date with your company’s offerings, or simply offer value to your customers.


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