South Shore University Hospital Tour

New Name. New Era

Client: Northwell Health
Industry: Healthcare
Location: Manhassett, New York
Video Type: Recruitment Video

About This Video Project:
We created this tour video for Northwell Health to show off the renamed South Shore University Hospital.


  • Create a recruitment video for physician recruitment
  • Highlight the growth of South Shore University Hospital
  • Show the new departments, name and buildings at the medical center.


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics
peconic bay medical center
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Northwell Health has an ever expanding network of hospitals and medical centers. They took over Southside Hospital many years ago. Since it became part of Northwell the hospital has gone from a place to avoid into one of Long Island’s top hospitals. To complete this transformation they decided to rename it South Shore University Hospital.  Our job was to communicate to potential recruits that this was more than just a name change. It’s a profound transformation, with changes you can see and experience.

We decided to us the same approach as our first hospital tour video. This time we toured the hospital with multiple staff members. Each one spoke about their area of expertise.  This allowed each person to feel comfortable with their topic. Its important to have people at ease on camera and having them talk about things that are second nature is one way to do that.  We also did a large group of sit down interviews. These types of discussions get deeper into each area of the hospital and allow us to control lighting and audio much better. These elements mixed with the tour give a much more dynamic look at the hospital than either alone could.

Govenor Cuomo Speaks at Northwell Labs

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