The Princess | Gala Recap Video

Princess Nikolina is honored at Make A Wish Gala

Make A Wish Gala Production Details

We created this marketing video of the Make A Wish gala which tells story of Princess Nikolina and her experiences at her royal ball which was held in New York on May 7th, 2015 along with over 800 guests. Nikolina was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of 3. Today she is a healthy 7 year-old who helps other kids going through the same thing. When Make-A-Wish approached Nikolina and her family about a wish, Nikolina immediately knew she always wanted to be a princess. This is the 2nd video in a series of two non profit videos that tells the emotional story of princess Nikolina. Watch this video of princess Nikolina choosing her wish.

Live Non-Profit Gala Video 1

Key Messages

Document the Make-A-Wish gala for princess Nikolina
Create a Live Non-Profit Gala Video to summarize the night
Tell the story of a cancer survivor
Highlight the part Make-A-Wish plays in the healing process
Capture the real emotional journey of the family of a child with cancer
Show how the people at Male-A-Wish make a child’s wish come to be
Create a powerful Fundraising Tool to be screened at a gala.

Live Non-Profit Gala Video 2

Video Production Services Included

Pre-production / planning
Marketing Strategy
Live Event Coverage
Video Production
Post Production

After documenting Nikolina’s story we completed it by filming the gala in her honor. We shot the 4 hour event and crafted this Make A Wish Gala recap video to convey the emotion and grandeur of the night.

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