Cover Band Videos • Live Entertainment Promos

The best marketing tool a cover band can use is a promotional video. As technology progresses, more and more clients want to book bands by watching videos rather than traveling to live showcases to watch in person. Investing money in a great promo video for your live band can do several things if you hire the right video company.

  • Increase your bookings
  • Increase your price
  • Increase your brand awareness (name recognition)
  • Help you target you’re key audiences

People love cover bands because they play the music we already know. When a band is versatile enough to cover many genres and artists well, the value and demand of that band increases.

Critical tips when planning your video shoot

Keep your video short

Remember people have short attention spans. We live in a world of 30 second commercials and 60 second youtube videos. Once you start venturing over the 4-5 minute mark, you’re asking for trouble in regards to audience retention.