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Why should I use healthcare video production?


Video is an incredibly powerful marketing tool for healthcare companies. People are more likely to watch video than read text, or look at an image, making it the perfect way to grab potential patients’ attention. Because it’s so versatile, video content can be used on social media, webpages, emails, and many more avenues and scenarios.

Video makes information more memorable, which is especially useful for healthcare companies conveying important information to their audience. The more video you have on your website, the better potential for improved SEO (higher search engine rankings). Especially when embedded with YouTube, since Google owns YouTube. To sum it up, video should absolutely be a mandatory part of any modern healthcare company’s marketing strategy!

Videos have become a game-changer in the world of healthcare PR. Not only can they help to shift public perception and raise morale among staff, they can also be instrumental in educating patients, recruiting new employees and even profiling doctors within your practice. Think of video as a powerful tool you can leverage to create positive change throughout your healthcare system.


Ways to use Video in Healthcare


Providing patient education

One thing educational videos can do very well is inform patients in an easy & visual way. This provides patients with an educational experience that they are more likely to remember. These videos can be shared not only online, but in the form of links within an email that speak to a specific message that you want to communicate to the patient.

Virtual Tours

Videos are a great way to communicate with your community and show them what your facility has to offer. Here’s an example of a video tour for Northwell Health’s Peconic Bay Medical Center.

Promoting Healthcare Services

Healthcare companies can use video to promote their services. By creating a service overview video and individual service videos for each area of practice, your website will have a better experience than your competitors.

Training Videos

Video can be an effective tool for training and professional development for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. Building a video library of training material allows staff to improve their skill levels. This is great because videos can be accessed on site or remotely and are working 24/7.

Recruitment Videos

Recruitment videos can showcase the culture and values of your healthcare system, which can attract some of the best talent out there. It is common that many people choose their jobs based on the personality and culture of an organization. This is a great opportunity to share your vision in a more appealing way.

Recruitment videos can showcase a day-in-the-life of a healthcare professional working at your organization. Staff members can share their experience about what really happens behind the scenes by being interviewed in a conversational tone.

A well-produced recruitment video can help your healthcare system stand out from your competitors, which can help attract top talent.

One of the best parts about recruitment videos is that they never sleep, never take off, and always get your message out consistently. Sharing video content on social media, webpages, and emails can help healthcare systems reach a wider audience of potential employees.

Whether you need help with recruiting new medical professionals, educating your staff, or guiding new recruits through your on-boarding process, using video will save time and money for HR.

Physician Profile Video Examples

Here is an example of a profile video for Northwell Health. This was created from footage we shot for a longer form recruitment video. We were able to completely repurpose the interview footage and b-roll to create these more personal physical profile videos. These are a great tool for introducing potential patients to their healthcare provider.

Healthcare Video Marketing Statistics

73% of healthcare professionals believe that video is an important part of their marketing strategy. (Wyzowl)

Video is more effective at engaging & retaining healthcare consumers than text-based content. (Journal of Medical Marketing)

Using video in recruiting emails can increase click-through rates by up to 96%. (Content Marketing Institute)

65% of healthcare professionals believe that video marketing has a positive impact on patient education. (Brightcove)


We serve Long Island, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, The Hamptons, Westchester County, and beyond.


We serve Long Island, NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Suffolk County, Nassau County, The Hamptons, Westchester County, and beyond.