Construction Video Production

Video Marketing for Contractors, Engineers, Architects and Firms

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Video production can be an awesome tool for the Construction, Manufacturing, Architecture and Engineering industries. Video can be used to show off your products and services, help with communication, train and educate employees and be used to document construction and manufacturing processes.


 Five kinds of videos that can help your company  


Marketing Videos

These kinds of videos can be used to highlight your company’s offerings. This could be products, services you offer, or any other benefit someone may get from working with you. There are multiple ways that content can be produced into a video that will promote your company. Since your industry relies heavily on visuals, these types of videos can be awesome for engagement and generating more sales.

Communication Videos

Video has proven to be the most powerful tool to help communication. It can be used internally with your team or even as a way to speak directly with potential or current clients. One example is setting up large live-streamed meetings or events. These are amazing for sharing valuable information regarding your company’s future and helping foster company culture.

Training Videos

Training videos are awesome tools for educating employees and clients. They can help to inform them of new products, explain processes, or even notify them of procedures that have been modified. One type of video you can use is what we call “How To” videos. These can outline or walk through the steps someone needs to take in order to accomplish a task or a goal. Another versatile example is creating tutorials, and guiding new employees through the steps of their onboarding process with your company.


Documentary-style video content is a great way to capture a long process and show how it was accomplished within a shorter video edit. You can go in-depth and touch on all of the challenges faced and how your company overcame them in order to reach your goals. You can also stay short and sweet in order to just see all of the highlights of a particular project.


Why are “Sizzle Reels” a great tool?


Sizzle reels are fast-paced high-energy videos that offer viewers an exciting but short overview of some of your company’s best moments involving products or services. These reels are very engaging, especially when highlighting companies that work on large projects that have cool visual elements involved.

By including footage of your team while they work, flashy shots of the work being done, and using cool music to complement the visuals, these edits can be very engaging and help entice viewers to stay tuned in.

Sizzle reels are highly engaging and the perfect thing to share on social media, use within sales presentations or even keep as a landing page video on your website.

Powerful Video Statistics for Your Industry

65% of construction professionals watch videos related to their industry at least once a week. (Construction Dive)

85% of respondents prefer to learn about new products and services through video, rather than through other mediums such as text or images. (Associated General Contractors of America)

73% of professionals believe that video is an effective tool for showcasing a company’s culture and values, which can help to attract top talent. (LinkedIn)

83% of businesses believe that video has increased the amount of time visitors spend on their website, while 78% believe it has helped to increase sales. (Animoto)

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