Band Promo Videos

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The best marketing and sales tool a band can use is a band promo video.

Most clients prefer a video in the decision process.

Increase your bookings

Increase your price

Increase Name Recognition

Help you target you’re key audiences


We have an extensive background in live music videos

Our videos have helped premiere New York bands book $15,000 – $40,000 gigs.


Band promo video production cost

Every promo video is custom designed to fit the band’s budget and needs.

Most budgets are around $4,000 and up. We can work with many budgets to fit the production value you choose for your promo video.

Band promo video production cost is based on many factors, including crew hours, crew size, production value, and pay for the band members’ time. Additional fees can consist of location fees, lighting, audio support, wardrobe, lunch, hair & makeup, etc.

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