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Client: Citnalta Construction
Industry: Corporate, Construction
Video Type: Educational
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

Citnalta Construction contacted us to create a construction update video highlighting their progress at PS47Q in Broad Channel, Queens. Compiling footage from multiple shoots over the span of a few months we were able to put together the story of the building’s construction as well as giving an update of the progress thanks to interviews with the on-site workers. 


Today we are at PS47Q in Broad Channel, Queens. We are building a new project for the New York City School Construction Authority. It’s a new building that is four stories and it’s a little bit less than 45,000 square feet. PS47Q was awarded to Sunalta on November 2, 2021. We moved in here and one of the first operations that we had to do was do the foundation work. The foundation of this building is what’s called a deep foundation. So there are 393, 55 foot long piles that were drilled into the ground. And then on top of that we have actually poured a three foot thick mat slab to withstand up pressure from water. The upper structure is actually all a concrete reinforced building. The SCA has come up with these precast panels. They’re all pretty much one big piece that came via truck and was hoisted with a tremendously large crane, one of the largest in the business. The precast panels of this magnitude actually being the walls of the building is something that is somewhat special to this project and actually my career. I’ve done a couple of precasts but nothing of this magnitude. Before we closed things up 100% we loaded in drywall, preloaded metal studs, as many things as we could kind of fit in there and still be able to work. Those windows are actually very high wind resistant and they actually do have bird glass so the birds won’t fly into it. We’ve got plumbers, we’ve got electricians, we’ve got tinsmiths, mechanical people that are installing the duct work for air conditioning. Carpentry, drywall application going on now. We’ve actually started building the walls, roofing work going on now. So we’re starting to button up the envelopes so that we can actually get the real finished trades in here like ceramic tile and floor tile. We have your standard classrooms, there are special education classrooms as well. There is a multimedia room, there’s a cafeteria and also we have a space that they call the gymitorium. It functions as a gym and also an auditorium. At this stage of the project is finishing up all the mechanical, electrical, plumbing work. We have a lot of switch gears happening here, there’s a lot of service that comes into this building because it’s an all electric building. Plumbing, they have an express line that goes all the way up to the top of the building and it actually filters and feeds the building top down. We have a sprinkler system with a booster and a jockey pump. The HVAC, we have four RTU units that are getting placed on top of the roof. Once the work begins, it doesn’t stop. We’re going to be finishing up the exterior with an aluminum and glass current wall system. On the back, where you have a fire rating type of situation, we’re going to be installing steel fire rater windows. And then from there, it’s just painting, fitting out, putting light fixtures, putting all the signs. We’re targeting to provide a temporary certificate of occupancy. We are on target to meet that goal and we’ll be opening this school in September 2023.

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