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Giving Kids Confidence in Their Smile

Client: Great Whites
Industry: Healthcare
Video Type: Marketing
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

We produced an about us video for Great Whites Pediatric Dentistry, where they strive to make sure that every kid has a great experience. The client asked us to create two versions, a short edit that’s 2 minutes long and a longer version that’s 4 minutes long. They have a clean and organized office that’s vibrant and colorful, and their friendly technicians make the kids feel special, making sure they are comfortable and understand why we are doing the treatment. Learn more about their goal to give kids the confidence in their smile.


From the time kids come through the front door until the time that they leave, our whole goal is for them to really have a great experience, to get to know the people that they’re working with, to be comfortable, and hopefully even they look forward to coming back. You walk in, it’s clean, things are organized, they’re neat. The technicians are very friendly with the kids and make them feel really, really special, so it’s very warm, very welcoming. Our first goal is fun and comfort and trust, and then the second goal is the dentistry. The staff at Great Whites is fabulous. They’re fun, they’re friendly, they’re exciting, they make my kids feel comfortable. The hygienists and the doctors, the assistants, even the people at the front desk, really enjoy interacting with the kids, giving the kids high fives, telling them what a great job they’re doing, teaching them about how to take care of their teeth. We’re really about what’s going to make that child have the most successful day here. Anybody that I know that’s asking for recommendations for pediatric dentistry, I always recommend Great Whites. It makes me feel good because when I went to the dentist as a kid, I didn’t always like going, and they look forward to it, which is great. We’ve had patients that have come, that have had a negative experience elsewhere, and we’re able to turn that around, and that’s something that’s very rewarding for me, when we have a kid where they weren’t able to sit at another dentist, sorry, silly, and they’re able to do it here, so that’s great. My philosophy behind dentistry is if you are confident in your smile, like one smile can change everyone’s day, so I want people to be confident in themselves. Our mantra here at Great Whites Pediatric Dentistry is where kids smile coming and going, and we really try to live up to that every day.

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