Deliver My Meds Video Campaign

We care beyond prescriptions

Client: Deliver My Meds
Industry: Healthcare
Video Type: Marketing Video
Messaging Type: Scripted Teleprompter

About This Video Project

Deliver My Meds hired us to create 4 scripted videos showcasing their easy-to-use solution of providing prescription medication to those in need. We hired actors to play the roles of pharmacists, a doctor, patients, customer service, and delivery personnel. By having a script for each of the 4 videos, we were able to clearly define scenes that would compliment the narration throughout each video.

We shot the scenes over the course of 2 full days. On the first day, we filmed in the Deliver My Meds office in Hauppauge, NY. We captured our actors filling prescriptions, being on customer service calls, and reading through one of the scripts. We filmed the second day on location at a doctor’s office and a house. The actors met with their physician, received the delivery of their prescription, and used “The Compass” to take their meds.
During post-production, we used motion graphics along with visuals to list some key talking points. We also captured, what we call, the “Hero Shot” of “The Compass”.  Deliver My Meds considers this product the differentiator between them and other companies.


Below, you can view the other 3 scripted videos that we created for Deliver My Meds. These 3 edits speak to:
1. The Consumer
2. The Physician
3. How To Sign Up (for consumers).
We thought of each of the 4 videos while planning and storyboarding. This way we could map out our scenes with actors and create our schedules for shooting.


This video was created in order to show patients how Deliver My Meds can help them receive the prescriptions with little to no complications. The ease of the process from order to delivery is simple and easy. The message: Deliver My Meds simplifies a usually stressful situation.


This video was scripted to speak directly to the physician. How Deliver My Meds can help them streamline their process of getting their patients the prescriptions they need.  The aim is to convince physicians to recommend Deliver My Meds to their patients.


This video was created to show the process of how to sign up for Deliver My Meds and the simplicity of getting started with prescription delivery.

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