Cybersafe Solutions

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Client: Cybersafe Solutions
Industry: Technology
Video Type: Marketing Video
Messaging Type: Scripted

About This Video Project

Cybersafe Solutions is a state of the art cyber security firm. They hired us to create a video for them to display at a trade show for their industry. The goal of the video was to showcase the difference between what typical companies do and how Cybersafe sets themselves apart. This was achieved by running through some real life scenarios and showing how each company would handle them.

At Pennylane we typically do full service production. This means we take the project from the pre production/planing stage to production and through post production. However, this was a project with a quick turnaround with the company sending us assets and supplementing that with stock footage and motion graphics. The budget was also very tight so Cybersafe Solutions provided the scripting and the voice over talent themselves. The fun thing about this project was figuring out how to achieve the tone and effect the client wanted just using found assets. The client was thrilled with the result saying that “we turned shit into gold.” Its always a great feeling knowing you delivered for a client.

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