Eastern Fence Sizzle Reel

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Client: Eastern Wholesale Fence LLC
Industry: Construction, Manufacturing
Video Type: Marketing Video

About This Video Project

We created this video for Eastern Wholesale Fence LLC to be played during an internal presentation.

Eastern Fence wanted to create a series of video modules for a long-form presentation by their CEO. The presentation would show off the entire breadth of the company’s business. These modules were long deep dives, but they wanted something snappier to kick off the presentation. So, we created this sizzle reel to catch the viewer’s attention before the main presentation.

The shoot was 3 full days. We traveled to all the manufacturing plants on Long Island. We created a storyboard of shots to coincide with the CEO’s presentation. This allowed us to use our time well and arrive at each location with specific shots to capture. By using this method we were able to cover each aspect of the processes that happen at the plants.
By implementing such great planning steps for the shoot, we were able to transition into editing fluidly. We used the script coupled with our shot list to craft the final videos quickly and without sacrificing quality.

To learn more information about Eastern Fence, please visit easternfence.com

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