Hype Video Reel | Orbic Products Video 2022

Sizzle Reel Featuring Orbic’s 2022 Product Line

Client: Orbic
Industry: Technology
Video Type: Sizzle Reel
Messaging Type: Text On Screen

About This Video Project

We created this hype reel video to promote Orbic‘s current product line at CES 2022. The video was assembled from a series of video we produced for them throughout the year.

Orbic is a wireless device manufacturer that makes high quality innovative products at an affordable price. We were approached to create a series of videos for several of Orbic’s products including the Orbic Speed (a hotspot) and Orbic Smart Wrist (a smart watch). All of these devices are sold in retail stores in partnership with Verizon Wireless.

One of the services we offer is casting. For Orbic we had multiple production days where we needed a few sets of different actors. This process can be as hands on or as hands off as the client prefers. In this case Orbic trusted us to cast the people we thought would work best.

The other main aspect of this production were the product shots. At Pennylane we have our own set up for capturing these. This allowed us to get the variety and types of shots we needed to truly showcase the products.

For more information about Orbic, please visit orbic.us

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