Long Island Comedy

Live Event Promotional Videos

Client: Long Island Comedy
Industry: Live Events
Location: Long Island, New York
Video Type: Promo Videos
About This Video Project:
We created these videos for Long Island Comedy to showcase some of their stand-up comedy live events.


  • Create three Promo videos highlighting some of Long Island Comedy’s live events
  • Highlight one particular video promoting New Year’s Laughin’ Eve
  • Showcase two different comedians from The 50+ Comedy Tour


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics

Rob Falcone delivers his “Dollar Store” bit.

Jim Dialakis during his “Kangaroo Bank” bit.


Paul Anthony from The Long Island Comedy Festival and longislandcomedy.com contacted us to create short promotional videos.  The first video was promoting the client’s event New Years Laughin’ Eve as well as the client’s website.  This required a concise script and a generous amount of colorful motion graphics to illustrate the main points of the video.  Voice-over talent casting was also needed which has never been a problem for Pennylane.
The second and third videos were to showcase two different stand-up comedians from The 50+ Comedy Tour.  Both of these videos required very little motion graphics as they were only short clips of their routine.  We imported the raw footage from all the different camera angles and synchronized everything together with the professionally mixed audio.  Then we cut out smaller ancillary videos that could be shared to the client’s various social media outlets.

To learn more information about Long Island Comedy, please visit www.longislandcomedy.com

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