Remember Me Green | Recycled Tote Bags

Retail Marketing Video Production NY

Client: Remember Me Green
Industry: Retail
Video Type: Marketing Video
Messaging Type: Text on Screen

About This Video Project

We created these retail marketing videos for Remember Me Green, a Long Island-based company that makes tote bags from recycled NYC billboards.

Remember Me Green has such a unique value proposition because it combines two interests. Environmentally conscious consumers are fans of brands that recycle materials when making their products. Combine that with the large percentage of people that have admiration for New York City and there’s Remember Me Green’s one-two punch.

We’ve started off working with Remember Me Green by making 3 simple videos showcasing the size of the bags and how they look when carried. Another video was produced to show their zipper bags. The final video for this round was a “How It’s Made” video. Many potential customers are curious about the process of how these bags are made. This video highlights the basic steps taken by Remember Me Green to design a tote bag. The primary usage of these videos will be for website and Facebook ads.

The approach to filming these videos was intended to be organic. We brainstormed some basic ideas prior to arriving for the shoot. To be as cost-effective as possible, we did not involve pre-production and allocated about 4 hours to cover the entire shoot. We worked with a model/actor to model the bags and then documented the process of making a single bag.

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