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Client: Tact Medical Staffing
Industry: Healthcare
Video Type: Recruitment
Messaging Type: Scripted Voice-Over

About This Video Project

We were hired to produce a landing page video for Tact Medical Staffing. They help place medical professionals in hospitals and healthcare institutions all over the country.

The process began with us digging into their website, speaking with our contact at the company, and examining their competition. From that research, we created talking points that we turned into a script. The project had a limited budget so we decided to craft it entirely out of stock footage. We used a range of video libraries including Video Blocks, Shutterstock, and Video Hive to bring together the right visuals for the piece. Editing was approximately 25 hours over the course of about 2 weeks.

Tact was thrilled with the final video and now uses the piece on their homepage and across their social media channels. They even used our script copy as the text that goes along with the video. Working with only stock footage was a new challenge for us, but when it was all said and done, it helped us discover a new and budget-friendly way to produce great videos.

To learn more about Tact Medical Staffing, please visit https://www.tactstaff.com

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