Recording With Kevin James | Mike DelGuidice

A Behind the Scenes Look of Two Friends Collaborating on a Patriotic Song

Client: Mike DelGuidice
Industry: Music
Video Type: Marketing
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

Musician Mike DelGuidice teams up with friend, actor/comedian Kevin James to create a special Fourth of July anthem. Hear the story of two friends, with the hopes of collaborating for a fun, patriotic, musical experience. Watch as their original song unfolds and they create something special that makes you feel like you’re right there with them on the 4th of July.


Am I the worst you’ve ever heard? No. Okay. No. My wife, by far. Really? Kevin texted me and said, you know, I got this song I want to do, and he sent me a couple of videos of him messing around with this song. He wanted to do something for the Fourth of July, patriotic kind of song, and, you know, I told him absolutely. Does this, can this disconnect, and then go through this? Yeah. There it is. Come on, man. How brilliant am I? It looks ridiculous. My mission is to just make him feel better about himself while he’s doing something he really shouldn’t ever be doing. Oh, can’t you see the four spacious skies? Kevin is a great dude, man. He’s all about helping people that are close to him and, you know, helping me on, get me on his show. Kevin can wait when we did a couple episodes with that, and whenever he calls, I’m here for him. There’s ways I can do this without singing, just throwing in little things. So it sounds like it’s really you, but I go into little, I just punch the gas a little and work certain thing, and then I back off again. Because it’ll be you singing, sounding great, and it’ll be me sounding flat, but in my own way. Oh, I can’t you see. You don’t like that. Oh, I can’t you see. There’s no notes, though, like you. It’s Dylan. It’s like a high Dylan. You don’t have to be Dylan. I’m Dylan. City standing tall. Oh, I can’t you see. Four. Why are you leaving me alone on that? I’m not trying to. Why did you do that? I just, I know we’re going to end up singing that line different, but you started it. Because, yeah, because you weren’t there. I didn’t know where to go. Right. It was really good until then. Really? It was. Was it good? Until then. Absolutely. Lighten up, Francis. It’s good. I think we’re getting good stuff. We are. I’m going to go harder, man. I think you should. Maybe, like, let me do the first verse. You come in with me on the second. Okay. Sunrise smiles on the east coast sky. Hope is rising like the morning night. And the smile you hide behind your tears stain. And the smile you hide behind your tears stain lies. I hear you. I did? Touch as warm as a Texas day in your arms. Oh, why can’t you see full spacious skies? So flat, bro. So close. So flat. I don’t know where I’m sounding okay and where I’m… Or is it just all brutal? It’s not brutal. It’s just… How was the verses, though? I like the verses. I like the verses. As long as you’re not in… Sunrise smile. I thought you weren’t going to sing. I’m doing a little bit. How’d you even hear me? Sunrise smile on the east coast. I could still hear you. I didn’t say… I could still hear you. Play it back. Play it back right now. I did a wave and I went like this. I totally… Absolutely. Show me where it is. I did nothing. I didn’t say anything. It’s so… It’s been so… It’s been so… It’s been so… It’s been so damn… It’s been so damn long. It’s been so damn long. I think we’ve gotten it as far as we can get it. Oh, why can’t you see? Come on. Full spacious skies. I’m so tired. I’m tired. God help you. I’m tired. I’m tired. We finally get two takes after like an hour or so and I think everything is right and all of a sudden he wants to, you know, revert to some hillbilly version of the song. But if it gets too much, then it gets… It’s cold. That’s cold? Just like peaches in the southern breeze. Nothing ever tastes so sweet. Now it feels like something is… It was an idea for the 4th of July to make people feel good, to give them a little drinking anthem. Yeah, I don’t like what we just did. Let’s do one more slow. What don’t you like? Where does it go flat? If you were right from the beginning, I’m going to punch you. No, it’s not. I like what we get. Where are we going? I’m getting used to it. You know what I’m saying? Like… It’s growing on me. It’s been so… But it’s… No. But it’s been… But it’s been… But it’s been so long. Right in time. It’s always sounding better when I don’t push harder, right? Yeah, yeah. Sunrise… I know. It was a joke. What was it? That was a joke? That was your idea of a joke? It’s so funny. I’m mad you know what I’m saying. Is that what that is? That’s it. …on the distant meadow I’m coming in, man. See the shining sea We know we had it all That’s it. Yeah. That’s all we want. We’re never gonna get it any better. No. It was… One more. Sunrise smiles on the east coast sky Hope is rising with the morning light And that smile you hide behind your tear-stained eyes Your touch is warm as a Texas day In your arms is where I’m safe But it’s been so damn long since I felt this way See the shining sea We know we had it all Amber waves of gray The city’s standing tall Oh, why can’t you see The full spacious sky What the hell are you doing to me? Stay with me tonight Till the dawn’s early light Now that all is said and done There ain’t no doubt that you’re the one Baby, don’t give up Just look how far we’ve come That was pretty good. I cracked. I liked it. Did you? It was one of the best. No, it was. Really? It was. I’m only kidding. Terrible. That was horrible.

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