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About This Video Project

This video was produced to attract new Emergency Medicine physicians to come work at Northwell Health. It demonstrates the passion of their clinical leaders for providing high-quality care as well as the family-oriented culture and support that Northwell provides.


Hi, I’m Judith Heller and I’m proud to oversee physician recruitment at the Northwell Health System. I’m pleased to partner with our clinical leaders. Now I’d like to share with you their vision for growth. The emergency department is generally a pretty busy area. You have a variety of different patients, different people, different ages. Working with different populations of people, different kinds of people, really prepares you to be at the top of your game in your career. It has a little bit of everything. It has this community feel that I think is so nurturing and so invaluable to my personal development. At the same time, we have these incredibly large institutions that are part of the health system where we are on the forefront of medicine, where we are on the forefront of medical technology, and it’s just a fingertip away. And so I like being part of a system that provides both. Working within the emergency department, there’s a lot of security in knowing that the system that you’re working for is working to support you and the job that you’re doing. We have cardiac cath labs. We have telestroke. There’s always specialists on call. If you have a question, there’s always someone that we can consult with. There’s always a higher level of care that we can transfer patients to. When it comes to having cutting-edge technology and being able to better diagnose and treat our patients, Northwell Health is very dedicated to making sure that we have resources available to us to be able to better serve our patients. Not all of our hospitals are equipped with all of the same resources, and so having a service line that oversees all of these things allows us to share those resources as if we were all one entity. Every year they ask us, is there something that you feel that we don’t have that would help us out on day-to-day patient care? Just the fact that they’re considering it and asking for everyone’s opinion is good. I take great pride in saying that I work for Northwell. Northwell is very committed to their employees. They are very conscious to our emotional, financial needs. I felt that my career has been nurtured. There’s always someone there willing to listen and offer a helping hand. We need to rely on each other when it comes to volume or critical patients to get through it. And going into work every day, you don’t feel like you have to worry. We’re all a big puzzle. Everybody has an important part, and putting together a good team dynamic is what makes it a masterpiece at the end of the day. There’s no one authoritative figure in the department. The physician assistant is equally respected as the attending physician. It makes you want to come back to work. The emergency medicine service line is multifaceted. We have many different leaders at all different levels who represent all the diverse groups of people that Northwell Health employs. We have physician leaders. We have nurse leaders. We have administrative leaders. And they all are there to support our individual emergency departments and be the voice of our department to the emergency medicine service line. A key leadership quality is the ability to listen to everyone in the team. No one voice is bigger than another voice. No one voice can dominate the conversation. You take all the input, you take it all together, and you do what’s best. A leader needs to be able to listen to their staff and be able to support their staff and help their staff grow. Being able to share my experiences with someone and, you know, hopefully make their paths a little bit easier is a great feeling. I have mentors everywhere. Whether it’s just questions, whether it’s just kind of giving me stories, whether it’s making suggestions of things to do, people are always kind of looking out for you and trying to guide you in the right place. It’s just really wonderful to know that you have somebody who you can look up to, ask for advice, and be a sounding board. One way of experiencing mentorship through Northwell is the CALLS program. It’s a new program that was recently developed for women that are new out of residency, and one of the biggest assets that we were able to have is women who have leadership roles. We are able to have true mentorship opportunities with them for them to help us grow in our career. The great thing about working at Northwell Health is the ability to constantly be learning. Whether you wanted to go into research, academics, even things like simulation, ultrasound, if you want to be involved in teaching, opportunity is there. Northwell not only provides these opportunities for you, but they encourage you to pursue them because they recognize your potential and they want to see you grow. They provide workshops, they provide bio skills, they provide cadaver labs where you have an opportunity to go and fine-tune your skills at any given time throughout your career. Whatever your tastes are, whatever you are interested in, there is something for you at Northwell. I was part of the Emergency Medicine Service Line Leadership Development Program, and I think as a direct result of that course, I was able to take the opportunity to become Associate Chair. I really like that Northwell is committed to training its employees, to developing talent internally, and to use that talent that it develops internally to establish bigger and broader goals going forward. Northwell has made it their mission and their vision to bring diversity and inclusion to all the sites within Northwell Network. You can bring different groups of people to the table, but the inclusion part is giving them a voice. And I believe Northwell does that very, very well. It’s important for us to talk about race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, all these things. Who we’re accepting into our residency programs, who the new junior doctors are going to be in terms of ethnic background, gender. We acknowledge together as one team that diversity and inclusion is important for us as a team, but also for our patients. It’s not just the clinical profession of the person next to you, but who is the person next to you? What is their background? Why do they take certain holidays off? This provides a sense of inclusion as team members, but also a sense of community here at Northwell. One of the other initiatives that Northwell has is called the Pipeline Program, which targets high school and college students that might be interested in attaining a career in healthcare. I got involved with that, and I’ve served as a mentor for a student, and I know other colleagues that have done the same thing. And we’ve all seen a very positive impact, and I do think it’s having an effect in increasing recruiting from underrepresented communities. If you are a person who believes in the importance of raising new generations of physicians, then Northwell has the opportunities to engage yourself in that regard as well. I have the pleasure of working with many medical students from the Zucker School of Medicine at Hofstra University. Great students, all of them are, again, full participants in patient education and patient care. We do have a fellowship system that’s in place within the emergency medicine service line where we have fellows. Once they’re done with their fellowship, they’re given a mentor, and that mentor is what helps them grow and helps them integrate within the Northwell Health Network. With the level of care and knowing that I do have a good institution that has a lot of backup and a lot of resources for myself and my family, I can have a full breadth of medical care for my family. No matter what needs I have, I can find it within the institution. I’m able to balance my work as a clinician and as an administrator and be able to balance that with family time as well. That to me is very important, and I’m very thankful that Northwell was able to provide me with support to be able to do so. For new recruits, people who are interested in coming to Northwell, I think it’s a really great institution to work for. It just has a level of prestige and a level of trust from patients and from the layperson, which makes me proud to be part of this hospital system. When I do walk out of my shift, I can walk out there with my head held up high, knowing that I provided high-quality care thanks to the support of Northwell. This is our passion. We’re not punching the clock. We’re doing this because we love this. This is part of us. If every day you want to make yourself better, you want to make your team better, you want to make it better for your patients, then you’re made for this.

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