Had It All by Alex Shillo | Official Music Video

Music Video

Client: Alex Shillo
Industry: Music
Location: Manchester, Connecticut
Video Type: Landing Page Video

About This Video Project:
We produced this music video for artist Alex Shillo to promote the title track off his album “Had It All”.


  • Create a music video for local musician Alex Shillo.
  • Use Alex’s history in recording studios as a theme in the video.
  • Help promote the launch of Alex’s single “Had it All”.


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production


Alex Shillo hired us to produce a music video promoting the title track off his album “Had It All”. The concept behind “Had It All” was to focus on Alex’s excellent musicianship. This is why we chose a purely performance based music video. The choice of a recording studio over a stage was because of Alex’s background. Alex’s father was a musician in the band Silverado and he grew up in and around recording studios. This gave a more personal feeling to the video than if we had it set in another location.

Alex was thrilled with the final product and currently uses the video to help him book his upcoming shows. He also uploaded the video to his Youtube channel and with little promotion has garnered thousands of views.

Alex Shillo in his element behind the board at a studio in Manchester, Connecticut.

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