Introduction to Dealertrack uniFI™

Revolutionary Automotive F&I Platform
Client: Cox Automotive
Industry: Automotive Finance and Retial
Location: New Hyde Park, New York

Video Type: Ad, Landing Page Video

We were hired to produce a landing page video to serve as an announcment for Dealertrack UniFI. A new software suite from Cox Automotive and Dealertrack.

Case Study


  • Produce a landing page video that would also serve as a launch video.
  • Create motion graphics that capture the spirit of innovation and fluidity
  • Highlight the differences between Dealertrack’s product and the competition


  • Script writing
  • Actor casting
  • Voice over casting
  • Filming multiple locations
  • Music supervision and licensing
  • Video editing
  • Motion graphics


Dealertrack tasked us with helping to the launch UniFI. An all-new, all-in-one F&I platform designed to significantly reduce customer wait times through streamlined dealer workflows – and ultimately enhance profits.

When we began work the product had not come to market so we needed to do extensive research into what it was and how it would help its intended customers.

A big part of our process is diving deep into the work of our clients so that we become as familiar, if not more familiar, with the products as they are. This helps us create videos that refelct a deep understanding in our client’s mission.



The video was released on the main landing page of the product and is being used as the primary introduction to the product. We also have been asked to do a series of videos diving more in-depth about the different aspects of the software.

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