Time Warner OneFifty Marketing Video

Talent Incubator that Resonates with Diverse Audiences

Client: Time Warner
Industry: Entertainment
Video Type: Awareness
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

We produced this landing page video for Time Warner to announce project 150 which includes a group of talented artists and storytellers that most people may not have heard about.

We were hired to tell the story of three artists from incubator 150 and share their thoughts on how exciting the idea is. They may have gotten their fame through smaller media outlets like Youtube, hit records, broadway plays, etc. The idea is to discover new talent that changes the way stories are told. It’s a win/win for both Time Warner and the artists involved because Time Warner gets a new stable of creative writers thinking out of the box, and the artists get the resources and power of Time Warner to help push their careers.

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We also had a chance to sit down with the CEO of Time Warner, Jeff Bewkes, and the president of Time Warner Foundation, Lisa Garcia Quiroz to hear their perspective on this new venture. This video uses interviewing, b-roll, pre-interviews, multiple locations, and multiple filming days. See more corporate video examples.

Time Warner featured the finished video on their website and they used it to raise awareness for the incubator. This video helped them bring the idea to a wider audience. OneFifty is a constantly evolving entity and Time Warner has brought us back many times to update the video with new artists and evolving messaging.

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To learn more information about Time Warner and OneFifty, please visit www.onefifty.com

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