New Car Pricing Training Video

Suite of Data Enabled Tools that Maximize Profits

Client: DealerSocket
Industry: Automotive
Video Type: Training Video
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

For this training video, we filmed a product specialist taking us on a tour of a new piece of software. The aim of the video is to assist new users in learning how to successfully sue the New Car Pricing app in their Inventory + suite of software.

DealerSocket is a web-based app and mobile software that offers a fully integrated inventory solution for auto dealers. This tool is the most advanced inventory management tool in the industry. As part of a campaign-wide series that will dive deeper into the app including videos explaining details about every feature of the tool, this video takes a look at the big picture overview.

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Inventory+ is an online application that manages the car business of any dealership. The software is extremely advanced and allows dealerships to make smart decisions when buying and selling automobiles. We produced this video to give the company a tool to engage more of their customer base with their new app.  Smart businesses know that technology is fast-moving and changes are a normal part of evolution to stay ahead of your competition. Once we have alarmed the audience to consider change, we tell them all about the newest software from DealerSocket.

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