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Video Marketing Campaign

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Client: Palumbo Wealth Management
Industry: Finance
Video Type: Marketing Video
Messaging Type: Interview-Based, Scripted Teleprompter

About This Video Project

Palumbo Wealth Management hired us to create a series of videos that would help them take their business to the next level. These videos included an “About Us” video, a video highlighting one of their biggest services, and a video loop for their website. Palumbo is a firm that uses a formula designed to take the complexity of wealth management and break it down into simple language that its clients can easily understand. They try to get a holistic view of a person and not just focus on the money itself.

Palumbo Wealth Management Marketing Video Pennylane

The client had a specific vision of what they wanted to communicate which helped us guide the messaging. We often will take the talking points our clients give us and mix them with our own research to paint the best picture of what a client offers. It’s important to us that we get to know our clients and their businesses. After the pre-production process, we planned out the shoot according to what was needed. To construct these videos, we shot for a full day at the Palumbo office. This shoot included interviews, scripted dialogue, and b-roll setups. We delivered all three videos and we were pleased to know that the client was very happy with the end results.

5 Star Review Pennylane
5 Star Review Pennylane

“Pennylane by far, was the best to work with. They were extremely patient, and dealing with me isn’t easy. The quality of their work was top of the line and exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Pennylane. Really well done!”

– Phillip Palumbo, Palumbo Wealth Management

Palumbo Marketing Video Pennylane

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