Pennylane Marketing is an award winning video production studio and digital marketing agency. We specialize in producing world-class video production and combining that with power digital marketing strategies that fit our clients’s budgets. This includes optimizing website messaging and funnels, SEO (search engine optimization), PPC (pay-per-click), email marketing,  & social media optimization and content creation. Our clients range from small local businesses, fortune 500 companies, national non-profit organizations.

Our clients consider us a valuable extension of their marketing team. We produce branded marketing videos, B2C videos, B2B videos, internal communication videos, explainer videos, scripted videos (voice over), unscripted (video interviews), motion graphics, graphic design, and more.

Watch Our Video Marketing Examples

We believe our clients must stand out from the crowd. This video is an example of our brand storytelling style fetauring candid video interviews and visual b-roll to tell the story.

We are dedicated to the success of every video production and marketing campaign we create.



This is the first phase where we set up a brief call or in-person meeting to learn about your company history, vision, goals, obstacles, expectations, target markets, budget, and call-to-action.

This helps us understand, find, and shape your messages. Once we understand the messages you need to tell your audience, we get to work.

Design & Budget

This next phase is when we compare notes and present creative concepts for you to consider. This is when we align on the core messages and stories that you will want to marketing throughout the year (or set timeframe). We will discuss our capabilities to help your distribute and analyze your video marketing after it is produced.

Once we are aligned with the same vision, we can present accurate budgets for you to consider. After the budget has been approved, we can move forward with pre production.

Pre Production/Planning

Pre Production is where the logistics and creative planning begins. This may involve building timelines, performing pre-interviews, casting actors, etc. Don’t worry, we can handle everything and walk you easily through each step of the way. Everything that needs to be accomplished before the first shoot is accomplished during this phase.


Every client has a different campaign or project so this varies but this is when all of the filming takes place. We make sure everything is perfect. The lighting, the audio, the composition, the location. Many of our films involve candid interviews with characters who tell their story or perspective.

We have many techniques to get the best performance out of even the most dry characters. With that said, it doesn’t hurt to have your best spokesperson front and center to tell the story. If voice over is required, we have full scripting capabilities and an A-list of premium voice over talents available.

Post Production/Editing

Post Production is the editing phase. Once all the footage has been shot and any other additional elements have been gathered (still photography, archival footage, etc), we can begin the assembly of your story with editing. Every concept requires a different amount of post production time.

Delivery + Marketing + Analytics

Once the final edit has been approved. We can deliver your master digitally. If needed, we can continue to make sure your content is marketed with powerful copywriting through major social media channels (Facebook, twitter, etc) and content hosting (youtube, etc).

We can provide analytics to see what’s working and what’s not. Sometimes it just takes a few tweaks or a change of thumbnail to boost your engagement for better conversion.

Consider us an extension of your video marketing department. We have a vested interested in your success because when you’re successful, so are we.

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