Awareness Videos

Build your Brand Awareness

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About Awareness Videos

Awareness videos are designed to build your brand awareness. Examples of this could be fundraising videos used by non-profits, educational video content that you share with your audience, live or virtual content that can even be cut up into bite-size pieces over time. These type videos are a great way to let more people in the world know who you are. 

Fundraising Videos

One of the best ways to raise funds for your charity is to use awareness videos to share your non-profit’s mission. One of the most successful strategies is to produce an emotional story through video production and play the finished video at a live event or gala right before the ask moment of the night. With everyone in an emotional state directly after watching your video, there is a better chance of collecting even bigger checks as you go into the ask at your event. 

Educational Videos

One strategy to set yourself apart from your competitors is to share massive amounts of educational content through video production on a regular basis. If you decide to use a professional video production company to do this, you can schedule a sit-down interview session and let the camera roll as you run through a number of topics that you can share valuable information about. The raw footage can be cut into a series of bite-size video clips at a low cost. This content can be released over a period of time, creating an instant video marketing campaign. You can create a blog post or webpage for each video created. You can then share this content on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, & TikTok on a consistent basis to build your following, attract more traffic to your website, increase SEO, and be perceived as the premiere expert in your field. If you don’t have the budget for a professional, you can do all of this on your mobile phone. 

Need more awareness for your brand?