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Fundraising & Awareness video for an impactful Mt. Vernon, NY high school program

Client: Destination College
Industry: Non-Profit
Video Type: Fundraising, Awareness
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

This About Us video was produced for Destination College, a volunteer organization and 501c3 that works with student-athletes from three high schools in Mount Vernon, NY. Their mission is to help their students with college preparedness, readiness, access, and to support them throughout their college journey and beyond. They provide a sense of direction, necessary support, and guidance for their students to achieve their goals.

This video was created in an effort to spread awareness about their cause. Destination College need donors to support their efforts and understand their profound impact on the surrounding community and lives of the students and families who participate in their program.


Destination College is a volunteer organization. We’re a 501c3. We work with the student-athletes of the three high schools in Mount Vernon, and we help them with their college preparedness, readiness, access. We help them get into college, and we track and follow them and support them even through college. Our mission is to try to help our student-athletes find a college that’s best suited to their academic, financial, and athletic needs. Destination College is more than an after-school program. It’s a program to help kids really reach their full potential, help give them a sense of direction, help give them the support and the push that they need. The entry to our program is through participation in a team. It’s not through a GPA. It’s not an application process. So we have students at the full range of academic performance, and the goal for Destination College is persistence. We want them to get to their end goal, whatever that is. Mount Vernon is a financially challenged school district. It’s a city of 77,000 people, and 100% of the students who go to school here are on federal free lunch. It’s challenging for kids who want the extra help with the tutoring or with the SAT prep. It’s expensive, so we’re trying to level the playing field. From the college recruitment, the college trips, the meals, the one-on-one tutoring, the group tutoring, it’s above and beyond the call of duty, and it’s just marvelous to be a student-athlete and have DC. Without Destination College, some students would not have gone on to the right school for them. They also would not have sent in the right paperwork. They wouldn’t have filled out their financial aid correctly. There are definitely students who would have not stayed in college and succeeded and graduated college without support and guidance through the program. I could never have imagined what it would morph into. It’s just a complete envelope of goodness for student-athletes today. It has made such a profound impact on my life, and if more people would give, that would allow for more kids like me to have those opportunities presented to them, and it’s changed my life forever. Without the donors, this wouldn’t be possible at all. We need you. We need you. We need you. We need you. We need you. We need you. I can’t say it enough. We need you. And the number of students that we serve and the level of impact that you guys have on the students is literally unmatched. We need you. We need you. We need you.

To learn more: https://destinationcollegeny.org

About Us Video – Full Length | Destination College

Watch the full length version of the video as we go more in depth with the program and first hand accounts of the people impacted by Destination College’s efforts.

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