Non-Profit Video Marketing

Video Production for charities, organizations and religious institutions

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Non Profit marketing videos are vital to raising funds, spreading awareness and educating people about your organization. As a non-profit you have the unique advantage of having a cause that viewers will sympathize with.  We can help you find the right character and situation to maximize the effectiveness of your video marketing.


Characters In Your Videos

Be careful not to use too many characters in your story. Using a single character with a few sub-characters is a great way to tell a compelling story.

Types of Non Profit Videos

Short Documentary
Story based promo video
Candiate Profiles
Landing Page Vidoes
Fundraising Gala Recaps
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Why make Non Profit Videos?

Putting a real person as the face of your cause will help increase engagement and emotional involvement with your organization. Pennylane can help you to discover the right characters and stories to highlight.  Together we will create a fundraising tool that is guaranteed to increase your donations.

4 Types of Characters that Inspire Great Storytelling


Person whose gone through a life-changing event


Person dealing with a life problem


Person with a strong desire


Person who has changed because of an event

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