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All-in-one recruitment software to attract and retain top talent

Client: Hire Intelligently
Industry: Technology
Video Type: Animated
Messaging Type: Scripted Voice Over

About This Video Project

Hire Intelligently hired us to create an animated about us video to showcase their all-in-one recruitment software. This scripted video features a hired voice over talent and features animation with custom motion graphics. Learn more about Hire Intelligently and how their all-in-one recruitment software has everything you need to attract and retain top talent.

Customer Testimonial

David Mederrick, CEO of Hire Intelligently shares his experience working with Pennylane.


HR pros know that having the right recruitment software is everything. At Hire Intelligently, we get it. That’s why we’ve created the perfect all-in-one applicant tracking system, to help you attract and retain the best talent possible. Designed for small to medium-sized staffing agencies, our single sign-on platform streamlines your entire hiring management process, giving you access to a complete recruitment sales CRM, along with video interviewing capabilities, integrated background checks, job requisition and posting, marketplace promotions, and so much more. Plus, with resume parsing and post-hiring training, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. And, with our advanced reporting and analytics, we’ll get you custom intelligent insights to help you build and manage your dream team. Listening to our customers has truly helped us continue to reinvent and deliver the industry’s most wanted features to help you stay ahead of the curve. Transform the way you identify, engage, interview, hire, and onboard top talent seamlessly with Hire Intelligently.

To learn more: https://hireintelligently.com

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