Privilege of Working in Healthcare

Reimagining what health care can be—together

Client: Northwell Health
Industry: Healthcare
Video Type: Recruitment Video
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

Northwell Health is the biggest hospital system on Long Island and one of the biggest in the country. Even with their large size, they want to make sure people know how passionate each individual employee is about the healthcare mission. They came to us with the concept of creating a video that highlighted two staff members, Bianca and Shawn. The aim was to show the emotional side of Northwell and use that as a way to recruit people to their business development team. The main focus was the privilege of working in healthcare.

It was wonderful to interview Bianca and Shawn. Their stories were very different, but both led them to want to help people in the best ways possible.

We divided their personal stories and told them separately throughout the video. We ended by bringing together their global messages about the power of working at Northwell. This method let us keep things small and personal at the beginning which made the dramatic ending more powerful. Effective storytelling is all about keeping things dynamic. If everything is big then nothing is big. Mixing up the tone of the video made it more impactful and effective.


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