PS160 Update Video | Citnalta Construction

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Client: Citnalta Construction
Industry: Corporate, Construction
Video Type: Educational
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

Citnalta Construction hired us to create a construction update video highlighting their progress at PS160 in Jamaica, Queens. We were there to document surveying, excavation as well as the first concrete pour for the four-story addition to the existing structure. This video features a combination of b-roll visuals mixed with on-site interviews of construction workers.


This morning, we’re at PS-160 Q, Jamaica, Queens. It’s our first concrete pour. This addition we’re building is the four-story addition to match the height of the existing building. Concrete footings start the building, but there’s a lot of predecessors that need to take place before you place the concrete. The survey. First, paramount, most important, getting the building in the right location. Here we’re tying into an existing building. You have to be spot on. There’s no room for error. We excavated well over 3,000 yards of dirt to get out to subgrade, and we continued to dig further down for our footings, installed rebar, formed out, and pouring today. Right now we’re pouring our first pour of spread footings. We’re pouring about 250 cubic yards of 4,000 PSI to start the foundation. After that, we’ll strip the forms and then go up with the concrete piers. Backfill the whole thing. We leave for a little bit. The superstructure goes up, which is iron, and then we come back and we pour all the floors in concrete.

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