Time Warner 150 Brand Stories | Young Guru

Video Production NY Awareness Video

Client: Time Warner
Industry: Entertainment
Video Type: Awareness
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

We created a set of brand story videos for Time Warner’s incubator, 150. Young Guru is a renowned sound artist and storyteller featured in Time Warner’s 150. This incubator was created for artists to experiment and explore the creative boundaries of storytelling. Artists are discovered and developed even further to produce short-form content.

We filmed Young Guru within a few hours as he did his thing at one of his favorite recording studios in NYC. Our interview spanned about 30 minutes where Young Guru told us not only about what 150 means to him but his passion for sci-fi and balancing the idea of artistry and business. This is a short vignette of Young Guru’s story featured on Time Warner’s 150 site.

Before filming this piece, we had a short pre-interview conversation via phone with Young Guru to gather possible ideas for the interview and visual b-roll. We both agreed that putting him in his own environment would be perfect so Young Guru invited us to a studio he currently works at for some of his current projects.

music producer working on computer

To learn more information about 150, please visit www.onefifty.com

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