ExecConnect Virtual Conference Teaser 2020

Connecting all leaders to their future potential

Client: ExecOnline
Industry: Technology
Video Type: Marketing Video
Messaging Type: Text on Screen

About This Video Project

ExecOnline is a leadership development company that helps other companies train their employees and executives to be better leaders. One of their big events is ExecConnect which brings together high-ranking executives from around the country. They speak on a variety of topics and issues that aim to educate people in their field. We created this video for ExecOnline to promote their upcoming ExecConnect conference.

Honoring COVID-19 Healthcare Heroes
COVID-19 Healthcare Heroes Lab
We created this short sizzle reel for them to promote their first ever all-virtual conference. The goal was to highlight the great guests who attended and give people a quick idea of what would be taught. Creating a full motion graphics video is challenging but we were able to leverage our knowledge to exceed their expectations. Taking on projects that are outside your wheelhouse is important to strengthening your company. That’s something ExecOnline teaches and it aligns with what we believe.



Govenor Cuomo Speaks at Northwell Labs

To learn more information about ExecOnline, please visit www.execonline.com

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