2 Spring Restaurant Commercial

Contemporary American Dining

Client: 2 Spring
Industry: Restaurant
Location: Oyster Bay, New York
Video Type: Scripted

About This Video Project:
We created this video for 2 Spring restaurant to showcase their efforts to keep dining safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Create a commercial to highlight COVID-19 safety measures.
  • Highlight 2 Spring’s connection to the Oyster Bay Community
  • Outline what services 2 Spring was still offering during the pandemic


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production


2 Spring hired us to create a video that would show how they adapted to the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. They wanted to assure their community that they were taking steps to keep their staff and customers safe. It was important to them that the commercial highlight their daily safety procedures. Things such as staff temperature checks, hand sanitizing stations, mask wearing, contact-less take out and social distancing practices.  2 Spring also emphasized their connection to their surrounding community and that they were committed to getting through these tough times together.
This was one of our first in person shoots during the pandemic. We were a little nervous to be out in the world. Yet, the staff and management at 2 Spring made us feel safe and secure every step of the way. They lived up to the message  they were trying to convey in the video.

To learn more information about 2 Spring, please visit www.2springstreet.com

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