About Us Video For SEM Analytics Brand

Transparency is a Business Intelligence & Analytics Company

Client: Transparency
Industry: Analytics
Location: San Francisco, California
Video Type: Landing Page Video

About This Video Project: We created this about us video for Transparency, a business intelligence & analytics company.


  • Create a video that explains what they do and how they do it differently
  • Explain who their services focus on
  • Show why a business would want to use their service


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics


For this production we created an about us video for Transparency. They are a business intelligence company that defines who we are and what we hope to provide for our clients and partners every single day. They provide previously unknown insights that drive collaboration, cooperation and collective reasoning.

About us videos can answer questions that your prospective online customer may have before buying from you.

SEM Analytics Digital Marketing Video

To learn more information about Transparency, please visit www.transparency.ai

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