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Complex trading simplified

Industry: Finance
Video Type: Brand Awareness
Messaging Type: Animated

About This Video Project

Animated explainer video that breaks down how a fiancial services company accrues and disperses their funds. We conceptualized and animated this entire video ourselves.

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Video Transcription:

Carlos invented an algorithm for trading, and, you know, trading algorithms take about maybe 15 to 25, 30 years of data that’s available electronically, and that’s what’s put into the algorithm. What Carlos did was he took what he calls proxies and put in 100 years worth of that data. And so the algorithm itself has a lot more events to be able to understand what’s going on into markets. We have a standard deviation that is always very low. The algorithm has a compounding feature. It does the prediction with the interest rate accumulated, which makes an exponential increase in the compounding factor, which means at the end, our algorithm gives us a very accurate prediction and also very high profit. That algorithm was leased by large financial institutions and banks around the world, and royalties were paid. It was over these years we were able to accumulate our own capital, our own source of funds. So around 2018, Ethos was born. What they did is took the capital that they had amassed, and instead of trading on other people’s behalf, they traded on their own behalf. That idea morphed into project financing to sort of arbitrage the trading strategy and the algorithm and create a more long-term strategy. We have a low cost of funds because we don’t have to go take a loan to give a loan like a bank does. We don’t need to go to a government to finance our projects. We don’t have other shareholders. We don’t have deposits like the banks. We don’t have limited partners as the VCs, et cetera. So we have this flexibility. We are growing so fast and so big that I cannot even predict what we will be in a few years. It’s massive.

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