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Client: Assetic
Industry: Asset Management, Finance
Video Type: Marketing Video
Messaging Type: Scripted Voice-Over

About This Video Project

Assetic hired us to create a marketing video that established who they were and communicated the breadth of their work. They wanted this video to illustrate asset management through an emotional and personal lens. After discussing the budget and type of footage they were looking for, we agreed that using stock footage and scripted voice-over was the best way to deliver their messages. They also wanted to get across that their service was more than just numbers and theoretical issues. It is about helping the people who make our cities safer.

We conceptualized a daughter talking to her father at bedtime with her asking what he does for a living. Assetic also wanted a version of the video with an Australian voice-over to appeal to their home market in Australia. It was a fun challenge to look for voice talent from a region we were unfamiliar with.

Assetic was very happy with the finished project. They also rehired us to create several alternate versions of the video for different services and have since, worked with them on other projects.

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