DealerSocket Social Media Video Campaign

Videos For Internal and Social Media

Client: DealerSocket
Industry: Automotive
Location: Irving, Texas
Video Type: Social Media Video

About This Video Project: DealerSocket asked us to repurpose footage we had already shot into a new social media video campaign.


  • Create a social media video campaign that repurpose existing footage for new objectives
  • Highlight the strengths of the company so the videos can be shared for internal and external purposes


  • Conceptual Planning
  • Video Production
  • Post Production
  • Motion Graphics


We are always pushing ancillary video campaigns because we feel its a win/win with the client. It allows them to get more value out of the footage we shot and it keeps us engaged with them on a more consistent basis. DealerSocket took advantage of footage shot all across the country with their customers to create a series of short videos that they could use to highlight the power of their new Inventory+ product.

The videos were used to sell the product and really emphasize the power of the new platform. Because the videos were short and had real customers speaking they had a huge impact and helped DealerSocket immensely.

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