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Video production is the best marketing and sales tool a musical group or band can use when promoting. Most band agencies and your clients prefer watching a video throughout the decision process. You can easily increase your bookings and your pricing by using music video production. Many of our clients come back to do music promo videos again and again.

Music for Promotional Videos

Most of our music video clients are looking for promotional videos for their music. In most cases, these are bands that play corporate events or weddings.

Music Video Production Cost

Music video production cost is based on many factors, including crew hours, crew size, production value and pay for band members’ time. Additional fees like location fees, lighting, audio support, wardrobe, lunch, hair & makeup and others depending on the situation may also affect the budget.

Securing a music video location is usually taken care of by the client. We guide our clients as to what can be a good or bad location and help find possible locations to use for filming the music video.
This is a music video we directed, filmed, and edited for Matt Marshak. A budget for a video like this can range between $8,000 and $15,000 depending on the factors mentioned above.

This should give you some ideas about music video production prices working with Pennylane.
If you like what you see, consider us while looking at music video production companies.



 Live Musical Performance Examples


We have an extensive background in live music videos and have helped premier New York bands book $15,000 – $40,000 gigs using our music video production.

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