POM Recoveries | About Us Video

A world of difference in receivables management

Client: POM Recoveries
Industry: Finance
Video Type: Marketing Video
Messaging Type: Scripted Teleprompter

About This Video Project

POM Recoveries hired us to produce an About Us video that also showcases their belief that every healthcare organization deserves a world-class receivables management company. We highlighted how they have been servicing healthcare and government markets for close to 40 years. We also included examples of their state-of-the-art technology and extensive network of collection and litigation experts. It was important to mention that they were SOC 1 certified and a PCI compliant company.

This was a scripted video so the shoot required a lot of pre-production planning. We wrote a script to ensure we were consistent with what the client was trying to convey. We also used talent casting to ensure that the message was delivered clearly and professionally. Almost all of the footage used was filmed on location at their headquarters in Farmingdale, New York.

As far as post-production, this project required the use of motion graphics. By using motion graphics, we are able to give an emphasis on certain messaging that a client may want to illustrate. These visuals have been proven to help retain a viewer’s interest and can be a great differentiator compared to traditional video techniques.

To learn more information about POM Recoveries, please visit www.pomr.com

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