Time Warner | Award Ceremony Video Highlight

Awareness Video | Corporate Social Responsibility

Client: Time Warner
Industry: Entertainment
Video Type: Awareness Video
Messaging Type: Live Event

About This Video Project

For this awareness video, we filmed this live event to create an award ceremony highlight video promoting Time Warner’s Richard D. Parsons Award Ceremony.

This is an annual gala that honors its own employee volunteerism. Many times these heroes are leading non-profits that they have created out of the passion for helping others. Time Warner makes a point to support these efforts with funding and time off from work to volunteer.

One of our core values here at Pennylane is Win/Win. This means we only do business with companies when both of us benefit. When the customer benefits and we lose, we tend to stay away in the future. When we benefit and the company loses, why should they do business with us again? We believe in long-lasting relationships where we both win every time. CSR Campaigns attract us for the same reason. The community wins with the help of the business.

To learn more information about Time Warner, please visit www.timewarner.com

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