YouVisit Marketing Video

Engage & Convert Your Audience With Interactive Virtual Experiences

Client: YouVisit
Industry: Technology
Video Type: Marketing Video
Messaging Type: Scripted Voice-Over

About This Video Project

For this project, we were hired to produce a virtual reality marketing video for our client YouVisit. YouVisit offers a marketing platform for businesses to share VR and AR immersive experiences with their audience.

When we originally sat down with their marketing team, we collaborated with them and discussed the key messages that they wanted to get across to their customers. After the concept and budget were approved, we began to lock down shoot locations and actors for each scene.

virtual reality concert

Creating a 2D virtual reality marketing video to show 360° VR is a challenge. The goal with marketing with 2D video in this example is to focus on feeling and reaction to communicate the VR and AR message. We believe virtual reality and augmented reality will be the future of video marketing for all brands. Innovative brands are already taking advantage of this immersive marketing platform and others are following.

man wearing vr headset

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