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Recruitment Video Showcasing Why Architects and Engineers Choose H2M

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About This Video Project

In our latest recruitment video, “Why H2M?”, we capture what truly makes H2M Architects and Engineers an amazing place to work. Through genuine stories from their team, we show the supportive, family-like atmosphere, the long-term career growth, and the exciting opportunities available for those ready to take initiative. The video highlights H2M’s diverse expertise and impactful projects, demonstrating how their work benefits communities and brings personal and professional fulfillment.

We also spotlight H2M’s active community involvement and open, supportive culture. Employees talk about how transparent communication and a sense of being valued make H2M a standout workplace. Despite the occasional challenges, the focus is on resilience and the many growth opportunities, making it clear why H2M is a great place to build a career.

“Why H2M?” is a heartfelt example of how an engaging recruitment video can showcase a company’s unique culture and values. Let us help you create a powerful recruitment video that attracts top talent and highlights your organization as a fantastic place to work. Get in touch with us today to start crafting your story.


The reason I like working here is because of the people that I work with every day. I work with some very smart people who have been in this business both long-term and short-term and collectively are the engines that make this company run on a daily basis. You typically spend more time at work than you do at home, so you better enjoy the people and enjoy the atmosphere you’re working. I think it feels like a real family here. People that I can go to personally and professionally, I have fun every day with them. I think it makes it not so much like work. There was one email in particular that I got that said, hey, I like hanging out with you all and I want to do it even more, so let’s set up a dinner to all get together. And that just speaks volumes to the type of company, the type of people that we have. We care about our job, but we also care about each other. This company hires people with the intent of them being here and working for a long period of time. So they’re more interested in investing and longevity. It’s a place for you to make your career and grow. I’ve been here 30 years. I started off as a staff engineer. You know, now I’m responsible for an office and responsible to help the company grow. To me, that longevity speaks volumes of an organization wanting to take care of their employees. And at the end of the day, for me, that is an important aspect of a place I want to be working at. The thing about HGM is, like, if you want it, you can have it. You just have to make it happen. You have to be that person, and the opportunities will come to you, and you can make your own path. Where I started wasn’t really what I wanted to be, studio-wise. Eventually, I interacted with another project architect, and he listened to what I was hoping for and what I was needing, and he put me on a project. He gave me the opportunity to run that project from beginning to end, and I just actually went to ribbon-cutting last week. The fact that I got to experience something of that caliber, and I got to interact with, like, a higher-up manager who, you know, typically does these all the time, and now he has, like, a very big trust in me, made me feel accomplished and made me feel like I wanted to do it again. We don’t just do water main work. We don’t just do implant work. There is a lot of different expertise here. We have basically every department you could think of, so it is pretty cool to have a single company under its roof being able to do basically any kind of engineering design project that you could think of or a client could ask of you. The creativity that I have available to me, the creativity to come up with a new idea and go forward with it and take it to a new level or try something different, I think that that’s always open and always something that’s encouraged, too, to think about. If you have an idea that you want to bring forward, there’s avenues to do so. You’ve got people here that’ll support you. The opportunities are here. I enjoy working here at H2M because in my role, I make a direct impact on where I live. The projects we design, clean drinking water for millions of people, it’s incredible. The work that we do directly impacts myself, my family, my coworkers. What’s better than that? You know, it’s personal. There’s a real feeling of giving back to the community that I didn’t really have where I worked before. I think you can really feel the benefit of the work that you do on a day-to-day basis and what it means to the community that we serve as a larger whole. H2M not only donates to charities, but they also are always involved in a charity event. It’s a good feeling to know that we’re not just working, you know, the nine-to-five plus, but we’re also giving back in the meantime and in a fun way. No one has ever helped as much as H2M. I know a lot of people who have left H2M and have come back because we wear our hearts on our sleeves. We’re very transparent in everything we do. People kind of know where they stand. When you go to work for some of the bigger organizations, you really don’t know. Sometimes you’re a number and you’re just there because you can crank out a calculation. Here H2M’s trying to provide the employee with a career, not just with a job, to help them grow as a person, to help them to grow as an employee, to help them grow into a role that they can successfully serve. I mean, I’ve been involved in challenging projects, challenging clients, where there are days where, you know, the job gets tough. But those are seasons of life that come and go, and time does heal all that. And the good opportunities and the good times far outweigh those challenging days. What do you want, and how do you see your future, and have you told anyone? Have you had the conversation of your dreams, your goals, and what you want? Because H2M can’t read your mind. And I’ve never seen H2M say a flat-out no. I feel like H2M will give you the opportunities. If you’re willing to work for something, H2M’s willing to work for you.

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