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About This Video Project

LI Speech is a speech practice with nine locations across Long Island and a team of over 50 highly trained speech-language pathologists who specialize in treating a variety of ages, disorders, and disabilities. Their clinicians are highly trained in prompt therapy, myofunctional therapy, and feeding therapy. We were hired to produce this video highlighting their services, techniques, & impact on the community.


We are a speech practice with nine locations across Long Island. We treat a variety of ages, disorders, & disabilities. We are comprised of over 50 highly trained speech-language pathologists who specialize in treating the different disorders & disabilities that enter our offices. These trainings happen both inside & outside of our therapy locations. Our speech pathologists are all trained in prompt therapy & myofunctional therapy, as well as feeding therapy. They work with individuals with language & processing issues, whether they be developmental or acquired, such as with an adult who had a stroke or TBI. We work with auditory processing, patients who have stutter & fluency issues, & voice disorders. We’ve worked with commentators, & transgender individuals who need to work towards changing their pitch & intonation. We work with little kids who are acquiring language & may be delayed in their language. Augmentative communication, so teaching children sign language or how to use a different form of communication. And then just the simple things like articulation, improving someone’s overall quality & intelligibility of their speech. One of the things I am most proud of is our trademarked myofunctional therapy program, also known as spot therapy, which is only available to our patients through the training of our clinicians within our office. The true benefit of myofunctional therapy is to work on the deficits from their core & not just work on treating the symptoms. Long-term results can change anything from issues with sleeping, braces & retainers, being able to articulate better, chew & swallow & eat a variety of textures and consistencies, issues with sucking their fingers & their thumb, sucking on their tongue or biting their nails, improving their overall smile & their bite. Myofunctional therapy can actually help patients who have temporomandibular joint disorders. I think what makes us different from everybody else is that all of our therapists have to be well-versed in every area of speech-language pathology. I think Skyler probably was a little self-conscious of her speech in the beginning. I’ve definitely seen a change in her. I always love the feedback that we get instantaneously. As soon as her session is over, the instructor will come to me & we’ll work on something. No matter what teacher Skyler has had, it’s a smile, it’s encouragement. They go above & beyond to try and make sure that they give them every possible opportunity to succeed & I’ve never once had a bad experience. So many times the parent is hearing what I’m saying for the first time & it’s that parental gut instinct that they have been feeling this whole time & no other professionals have really told them & it just makes sense to them. We are often times the professional who communicates with all other providers on our one patient. We’re reaching out to the ENT & to the orthodontist & to the oral surgeon, making sure we are all on this patient’s plan of care & making sure that we are going to be able to get those optimal results that we want for that patient. The sooner we can intervene, the less we always say that habit has been ingrained, so the shorter time it takes to break that habit. Our experience here has been wonderful. We’ve seen great progress with her speech, her enunciation, and even with her feeding habits which had been a big issue. As a mom, I was very happy to see her gain confidence in the classroom and participate in class more often. When I started LI Speech, I wanted to create a standard and high standard for our speech pathologists, their skill set, and their level of knowledge. As we grow, we can have a larger impact on the community, and even more so, we continue to evolve our field of speech-language pathology. When I walk through the office, I’m so proud of what we do here. We’re impacting the lives of so many outside of this office. You always want to know that you’re making a difference. There’s nothing better than that. I’m proud of what I do. I’m proud of what I do.

To learn more about LI Speech, visit: https://www.lispeech.com/

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