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A Month Honoring Daniela and Other Children Suffering from Cancer

Client: Daniela Conte Foundation
Industry: Non-Profit
Video Type: Awareness
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

The Daniela Conte Foundation hired us to make an awareness video for their Childhood Cancer Month. The foundation’s founder, Katia Conte, tells the story of her daughter Daniela, who lost her battle with a rare cancer at the age of eight. Learn about Go Gold, a movement started by parents of children diagnosed with cancer, and how you can help bring awareness to an extremely important cause.


The month of September is Pediatric Awareness Month. It’s a month where we honor children who are battling cancer, also of children who we have lost to cancer. It’s a time where we share their stories of what they went through and hopefully we can help other children that are going to be continuing to battle this disease in the near future. This month is very important to me because I’ve lost my oldest daughter, Daniela, to a rare cancer at the age of eight, after she battled it for four years. Go Gold was started by a band of parents whose children were diagnosed with cancer and they had realized that treatment protocols were not working. They wanted to come up with some kind of symbolization of how we can advocate and come together and show the world how precious our children are, and this is how Go Gold and Pediatric Cancer Awareness was started. Childhood cancer is extremely underfunded. Out of all the money that the government spends each year, only a small fraction of that goes towards cancer research, and only four percent of that goes towards treating childhood cancer. Children deserve more than four percent. If we have hope and advocate and we become one voice, I think anything is possible. Here’s how you can help this coming September. One, you can spread awareness by sharing facts of what you have learned from this horrible disease and also by wearing a gold ribbon to show your support. Number two, you can advocate at a local or federal level to help increase funds that are allocated towards pediatric cancers. Three, donate to a local organization that is helping to cure pediatric cancers. Please let the world know that we need to do more. We all need to come together and be a voice for these children.

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