UUCSR Soulful Sundown Church Recruitment Video

Where music resides at the heart of the religious experience
Client: Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock
Industry: Religious Service
Location: Shelter Rock, New York

Video Type: Testimonial Interviews, Documentary

The primary purpose of the video was to attract more church members to join a special monthly event called Soulful Sundown. The secondary purpose of this promotional video is to lead Soulful Sundown attendees towards interest in the church itself. This non-direct approach is more welcoming than the standard church recruitment videos we see in other places.

Case Study


  • Recruit more members to Soulful Sundown
  • Convert attendees to members of the Unitarian Church
  • Highlight positives effects on individual members lives
  • Emphasize the non-judgemental nature of the congregation
  • Highlight the use of music to enhance their message
  • Showcase how easy it is to embrace their spiritual lifestyle


  • Concept Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Video Production
  • Color Grading
  • Audio Mastering
  • Music Supervision
  • Pre-Interviews
  • Location scout


We took a different approach from the standard corporate video idea. Instead we produced a documentary-style video that follows the story for one character named Julie. This storytelling approach allowed us to take a look at Julie’s life before Soulful Sundown.

From there we see how she was introduced to the special monthly night and what her first reactions were. After being a member for some time, Julie is able to reflect on her feelings and emotions about the night. Especially on how it has effective her life in a positive way. Sit back and watch the story of Soulful Sundown through the lens of Julie.

How to get more people to come to your church is a common question pastors think about. Church leaders always look for ways to invite people to church so they can grow church membership and have a greater effect on the community. In this post, we share how we used our expertise as video producers and marketing strategists for building church attendance. Here is one example of a church recruitment video that we produced for Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock (UUCSR).

Watch the Trailer


Along with the full video we delivered the above trailer and a series of small social media friendly video bits. We re-purposed these from interview sections we used and didn’t use in the final piece. These can be placed on their website or shared on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and so on. It’s important not to underestimate the power of social media marketing. More and more brands are leveraging their social media channels than ever before.


Pre Production

  • $300 – 3 hours of pre-interview phone calls to find the best character and story to tell
  • $300 – 3 hours of basic logistics planning for story and production


  • $5050 – 1 full day shoot | interview and supporting b-roll footage (crew of 3).
  • $1825 – 7 hours over 2 separate days of filming service (crew of 1)
  • $2050 – 4 hours – setup and interviews for 2 supporting video interviews (crew of 2)

Post Production

  • $5000 – 50 hours of editing
  • $750 – 5 hours motion graphics
  • $600 – Music licensing

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