Social Responsibility is Building Companies

Corporate Social Responsibility is a mindset that companies adopt as they grow larger. It’s their way of giving back and making a positive impact on the community, employees, stakeholders, investors, and the public. Sometimes public perception sees large corporations as greedy profit-hungry machines without a soul. Because of this, it’s important for large businesses to let people know that they do care. Sometimes we forget behind all companies are people.

Habitat For Humanity being helped by H2M and Riverhead Building Supply through Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is building companies

Corporate Social Responsibility is a Win/Win

One of our core values here at Pennylane is Win/Win. This means we only do business with companies when both of us benefit. When the customer benefits and we lose, we tend to stay away in the future. When we benefit and the company loses, why should they do business with us again. We believe in long lasting relationships where we both win every time. CSR Campaigns attract us for the same reason. The community wins with the help of the business. The business wins in several ways:

  1. Better public perception which leads to long-term profits.
  2. Builds camaraderie with company employees
  3. Inspires better performance from employees
  4. Builds share holder trust
  5. Many times, it helps make the community more profitable
  6. Life has a way of paying back more than what you give

Marketing Video 1: Time Warner

We work with Time Warner every year promoting their Richard D. Parsons Award Ceremony. This is an annual gala that honors it’s own employee’s volunteerism. Many times these heroes are leading non-profits that they have created out of the passion of helping others. Time Warner makes a point to support their efforts with funding and time off from work to volunteer. Here is the 2015 awareness film that Time Warner hired us to produce.

Marketing Video 2: Dealertrack

Another great example of a Corporate Social Responsibility project we produced was for Dealertrack. Dealertrack is located in Lake Success, NY. If you’ve bought or leased a car anywhere in the United States, chances are Dealertrack’s technology was used by the dealership. Earlier this year, they donated to Make-A-Wish and hosted Julissa’s send-off party to Disney. This shows the public that Dealertrack’s efforts are making a difference. It also creates a sense a pride within the company and employees. This ties back to the local community in which Dealertrack does business too. A win/win/win for the business, the charity, and the family.

Who Are the Top Givers?

According to Reputation Institute, these are the top 10 companies in 2015 with the best Corporate Social Responsibility rating:

  1. Google
  2. BMW
  3. Walt Disney
  4. Microsoft
  5. Daimler
  6. Lego
  7. Apple
  8. Intel
  9. Rolls Royce
  10. Rolex

Marketing Video 3: H2M, Riverhead Building Supply, and Habitat For Humanity

Our last example here is a touching story about how H2M and Riverhead Building Supply contributed to Habitat For Humanity. H2M is an architectural, engineering, and environmental consulting firm located in Melville, NY. Riverhead Building Supply provides to builders, contractors, architects and homeowners. Both H2M and RBS’s charity and sweat equity help Habitat build better neighborhoods. For example, building this house (video below) increases the value of the community. It also puts a new hard-working family in a home to contribute to the community. This never-ending cycle leads to increased business in the community. It also helps all surrounding businesses be more profitable and raises the value of neighboring homes. Seems like no brainier right? Watch their story here:

Learn more about H2M’s Social Responsibility efforts

When our clients call us to produce Corporate Social Responsibility media, it’s a great feeling because we know there’s an amazing human story behind the message. These are the campaigns that truly get us excited because we know we’re part of building a better world.

The next time your company gets involved with a CSR project, let us tell your story with creative video marketing.