Gold Medal Gymnastics Spot | Thinkhouse

Giving Kids the Ability to Be Active and Go For the Gold

Client: GMGC
Industry: Fitness
Video Type: Marketing
Messaging Type: Interview-Based

About This Video Project

We produced a 30 second spot for Thinkhouse client, Gold Medal Gymnastics and Ninja. Gold Medal Gymnastics is the perfect place for your kid to be active. This interview based testimonial shares some light on what it’s like bringing your kids to GMGC. Hear what these parents have to say.


Our daughter, she has loved coming to Gold Medal Gymnastics. It’s her safe haven, and she’s able to have fun with all of her friends. And they’re really just expending all that good energy out on the gym floor. Instead of sitting on the iPad or having too much screen time at home, this is an opportunity for them to come and be active, no matter what level your child is at. If a parent is considering bringing their son or daughter to gymnastics, they have to go to GMGC, without a doubt. Go for the Gold at Gold Medal Gymnastics and Ninja.

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